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As I sit down to write this next blog, I’m sitting at my desk marveling at what a wonderful past few days it has been. My husband and I just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary in Lake Tahoe. Having never been to Lake Tahoe, I was breathless when we arrived. The air was so fresh, the lake so pure it glistened, yet there was also a sense of peace. We drove through what seemed like endless layers upon layers of trees and mini bodies of water as we explored the city. People were walking and shopping but yet time seemed to pass at a very calm pace. No hustling and bustling of honking cars or people yelling just pure serenity. There was friendliness among the people in that town that I just couldn’t help but wonder about. In fact, being here helped me re-engage with things that I had lost touch within myself. The solitude helped re-engage me with my purpose, enabled me to be able to realign my husband’s and my goals for our future, and helped me to understand that there are bigger things in this world than just the daily hustle and bustle! As we wrapped up our trip, we went north to Reno, NV to visit my Grandma’s older sister.

My great aunt recently received a dementia diagnosis and has moved in a residential care home. This all happened a few weeks back all within the span of less than a week. When the news came that all of this was happening my initial reaction was to obviously find out how I could help. Problem was we live in CA and she and her family live in northern NV. I offered what support I could from the many miles away I was but was so glad I was given the opportunity to visit when we were in Lake Tahoe. When we visited she had such a sense of happiness and peace that surrounded her. This is not typical for someone who has received such a diagnosis rather the opposite is true. However, when my husband and I visited she was overjoyed! She remembered him from our wedding last year and asked how excited to see how our second honeymoon was coming along! Our visit with her renewed my purpose and helped me to understand that what I do for many families on a daily basis is so very important. She is a living example of looking at the glass half full and because of her choice to always see the best in things I rest assured that she is living the best medicine: happiness. While we were there we also left her a small gift, a product I have been working on for a few months now to enhance the lives of those 65 and better.

The product that has been created will be something unlike anything else that is on the market today. The product will help those 65 and better stay engaged in different key areas of the individual’s life. As many of us know as our loved ones age, many choose to stop engaging in outside activities, exercise classes, and outings with friends. They begin to retreat to the solace of their home which for many seniors is now a lonely place that was once filled with memories of joy and laughter. Getting older can be difficult especially for our loved ones ages 65 and better but with our product we are hoping to make the aging process a little easier by giving them the opportunity to have fun and create new memories!

Keep an eye out of our product debut as it will be coming very soon!

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