How a passion for senior care became my life

The #1 question people always ask me when they meet me is "why senior care?" and my immediate response is "why not". Actually it's not, for those who know me they know that I typically give a long description of how the senior care industry and I came to be. This post is specifically dedicated to how the senior care industry and I came to form a great relationship and how I have the opportunity to live my passion daily.

My first experience in senior care started when I was working on my Bachelor's in Business at Woodbury University. I was looking for a part-time job to supplement my education expenses and I came across a job posting for a Marketing Assistant at an assisted living community. I thought to myself that doesn't sound too bad, after all I was already through the middle of my program. "How hard could it really be" I thought to myself. About two months later, I started with the company and it was totally different than what I had expected. Every resident I encountered, every caregiver I passed in the hallway, and even family members in the elevator were all smiles. My immediate thought, "how nice it's my first day and they're all happy to see me". Well that was far from the truth because each and every single day was always filled new smiles and lively laughter. Each work day was always so exciting and it even came with the added bonus of a paycheck.

It was at this community, that I truly developed a sense of what I wanted in a career. I wanted the happiness, memories, excitement, and craved the human interaction. It was as if a breath of fresh air had come over me. I was given the opportunity to work with seniors from all walks of life, listen to their stories about love, life, loss and everything in between. This was what I had been searching for all along.

Yes, what I am describing is what life was like to work in an assisted living community. Many people have passions for taking care of babies, educating our youth, and mine just happens to be helping seniors. See what a lot of people who aren't in this industry don't understand is that the residents we serve become our family. You see them daily and you genuinely want to know how they're doing. When it comes time for your two days off you want to come back and ask how their weekend away was at their daughter's home. These are the details that truly have an impact on what I truly love.

When I look back at my years growing up, I credit my passion to my very own family. I was raised in a traditional family with mom, dad, and my younger brother. I grew up with several aunts and uncles and my maternal and paternal grandmothers. However, I never had a grandfather growing up. My paternal grandfather had passed when I was just about a year old at the young age of 56 and my maternal grandfather had never been in the picture. People say that sometimes you create things for yourself that you didn't have growing up. I'd have to say that was true for me as I went from having no grandfathers to having hundreds of grandfathers and grandmothers that I interacted with each and every single day.

This is just a little bit about how senior care became my passion and why I love helping seniors and their families any way I can. I hope this posting gave you a little insight as to how my passion for seniors began. I continue to live out my passion for seniors by helping both seniors and their families find care options when the time comes. I have created this blog to share information about senior related issues, care giving information as well as wellness topics for seniors, friends, and family.

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